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Premium Elf Card

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Premium Elf Card Logo


In Mabinogi, your first character is provided free-of-charge. However, in order to create multiple characters, you will need to purchase character cards from the Shop.

The Premium Elf Cards can be used to create one more Elf character on your account. In addition to the basic styles provided by Basic Elf Cards, the Premium Elf Card has a much larger variety of styling options. This card is perfect for those players who want to create extremely unique and distinctive characters.

Other than being able to create an extra character, this card has another special feature: instead of using the card to make another character, you can use the Rebirth function. Rebirthing allows one of your current characters to be reborn, and start over again as a kid while keeping all of their skills. This means you will be able to receive extra Ability Points (or APs) on Saturdays until the character again reaches age 25.

The maximum number of characters you can have is 80. Once you've reached the limit, you may purchase up to 20 more Character Cards at a time for rebirthing. An important thing to remember is that once a character card has been used, you cannot get the actual card back again, even if you delete the character.

Following are the styling options you can choose when creating a new character with a Premium Elf Card:

P elf styles.png


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