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Music Bottle

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Equipped Sheathed Played

An empty bottle that produces an 'A, B, C, D, E, F, G' tone when blown with the mouth. It can only produce an A, B, C, D, E, F, G tone no matter what Music Score is used. (Not available for repair)

Note that an individual Music Bottle will only play at one tone and will always play at that tone. Therefore, there are seven different Music Bottles each of which only plays at one of the tones from A to G.

For information and individual articles about instruments go to Category:Instruments.
For a quick comparison of instruments go to Instruments List.


Human and Elf only.
It is an ineffective weapon.
Cannot be repaired, crafted or upgraded.

Base Stats and Information

Music Bottle.png Speed Normal Hit 3 hits Repair fee
per point
  • 90% - N/Ag
  • 92% - N/Ag
  • 93% - N/Ag
  • 95% - N/Ag
  • 98% - N/Ag
Attack 2~5 Critical 20%
Balance 55% Injury 0~0%
Durability 35 Upgrade 5 Resell 201g
Dropped by Metal Bard Skeleton, Captain Red Skeleton, Exploration Gachapon, Fashion Gachapon (Ended 2009-09-02)
1 x 2 Sales at

Weapon Grades

Type Attack Balance Critical Injury Rate Durability
Monster Drop 2~5 55% 20% 0~0% 35/35

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