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Falias is known as the city of the gods.

  • To get to Falias, you must make a Portal by using Shock or Awakening of Light while Brionac is equipped. will use a Falias Fragment.
    • You can bring a Party along if they are near.
    • If you log off in Falias, you will re-log on your old location as Falias is considered as a Shadow Mission.
  • In Generation 12, the final battle against Nuadha is held here.
  • When you arrive in Falias in about 30 seconds, 6 Aonbharrs will spawn near the floating stone just past the entrance. You must defeat inorder to look for treasures at the altar.
  • After all 6 Aonbharrs are defeated, the party leader must go to the altar near the north of the map and click on it. One of three things may happen:
    • Rarely, the altar will be broken already and nothing else can be done.
    • Sometimes, the quest will be a success automatically and random party members will be rewarded with a random Treasure of Falias.
    • Most of the time, a trap will activate, causing a large amount of Aonbharrs to spawn and rush the altar.
      Spawn Locations
      • When this happens, the objective is to prevent them from reaching the altar at all costs by killing them.
      • Aonbharr will appear at 3 locations. Once you come near them they'll start to rush to the altar.
      • When an Aonbharr reaches the altar, it will despawn and a message will appear announcing that the altar is being sealed.
      • If 15 of them manage to reach it the protection failed, and you can't take the treasure.
      • You may also fail if there are too many Aonbharrs on the field at once.
      • It is possible to stop the Aonbharrs from reaching the altar by enclosing it in a large Barrier Spike ring.
      • If the party successfully protects the altar, random party members will be rewarded with a random Treasure of Falias.
      • If the party fails, all the remaining Aonbharrs will despawn after a few seconds.


  • Rewards are given if the party is successful either by protecting the altar from Aonbharrs or from a "freebie."
    • Not all party members may receive a treasure. It is randomized.
    • The party leader, however, is guaranteed one.
  • Players may also receive Nuadha's glove, robe, or shoes at a low rate.
  • All rewards are a Treasure of Falias in their Ideal form. You may ask Dorren to restore them.

Treasure Image Effect
Failinis Failinis (Idea).png Additional critical when Brionac is equipped
Magic Club Magic Club (Idea).png Additional damage when Brionac is equipped
Magic Wand Magic Wand (Idea).png Increased Shadow Spirit damage
Magic Breastplate Magic Breastplate (Idea).png Increased Fury of Light damage
Golden Apple Golden Apple (Idea).png Increased Spear of Light damage
Goblet of Truth Goblet of Truth (Idea).png Decrease in Awakening of Light cooldown
Uaithne Uaithne (Idea).png Increase in duration of Awakening of Light
Red Javelin Red Javelin (Idea).png Additional Strength during Awakening of Light
Yellow Javelin File:Yellow Javelin (Idea).png Additional Dexterity during Awakening of Light
Great Fury Sword Great Fury Sword (Idea).png Additional Intelligence during Awakening of Light
Little Fury Sword Little Fury Sword (Idea).png Additional Will during Awakening of Light
Wave Sweeper Wave Sweeper (Idea).png Increased movement speed
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