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Current Bugs

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This is a list of current bugs found in the list of Bugs & Glitches Sub-forum of the Nexon Forums as well as other random bugs found in-game (and have not been reported).

This page is mainly to keep track of links (if possible) of where bugs have been reported. This page is heavily being worked on at the moment.

RED means the bug/issue has not bee fixed.
ORANGE means the bug/issue was fixed, but a new problem relating to it has come up or it was not fixed completely.
GREEN means the bug/issue has been fixed within the past 2 weeks. After two weeks, the fixed bug is removed from the page.


Known Bugs


Bug Link Report
Snow in Vales sometimes sounds like rain. - Not Fixed
The Lyre instrument is out of tune. Link Fixed
When gathering is sped up, the sound does not speed up with it. - Not Fixed
When transformed into NPCs with bows, it sounds like an arrow is being fired during normal attacks. - Not Fixed
Updating our music files is a work in progress. - Semi-fixed1

1 The music files originally did not have music for Generation 15 and above. As of the latest Steam Client download, they are updated to G16S3 (Bard). Puppet Music is still missing.


Bug Link Report
Argel does not animate correctly when speaking to the player. - Not fixed
Charging fusion bolt, unequipping the wand, then using the skill leaves a bolt graphic behind. - Not fixed
Giant Geta Sandal graphics corrupt when worn with certain items that cover the leg. Link Not fixed
The animation when sitting in the Beauty Shop chairs does not match up with the environment. - Not fixed
Two-handed Sword spirit weapons are not the correct size on Giant characters. Link Not fixed
Vales' graphics do not sync to the proper location after exiting a homestead. - Not fixed
Valkyrie Shield glitches when arrows are equipped, dependant on which equipment slots are used. Link Not fixed
2012 Giant Premium Winter Newbie Wear (F) with Giant-Only boots creates graphic glitches. - Not fixed
Adventurer's Crux Armor corrupts the left arm of Giants during various emotes. - Not fixed
Bolt spell animations. - Not fixed
Demina the Bandita's costume has a missing graphic in the RP quest during the Fighter Story questline. - Not fixed
Elves do not animate correctly when using Enthralling Performance while a Physis Tuba is equipped. Link Not fixed
Giants do not animate correctly when using certain actions with a partner. Link Not fixed
Gloves do not display when knuckles are worn. Link Not fixed
Partners cooking with weapons equipped creates graphic glitches. - Not fixed
Scathach Shoes do not display correctly when worn with leggings. - Not fixed
On the world maps, Belfast should be Belvast. - Not fixed
Sliab Housing and Sliab Castle are missing from the Uladh Continent Map. - Not fixed
Teeny Nao animations cause Fashion Slot headgear to disappear. Link Not fixed
Teeny Nao doesn't animate for certain gestures. Link Not fixed
The animation for an inspiring performance on the Snare Drum pops in and out, unlike the other drums. - Not fixed
When equipping a Confetti Bow, male characters use all female actions. - Not fixed
Wrist-covering knuckles and gloves do not display correctly with some long sleeved outfits. - Not fixed
Andras Wear overlaps all long boots, creating graphic disturbances. - Not fixed
The trim on the Portia Dress glitches. - Not fixed
The Scathach Outfit and Witch Scathach Outfit have a graphical tear when using a weeding hoe. - Not fixed
The Warp Imp skills do not follow standard skilltab conventions. - Not fixed
Wearing a Maid Dress causes the legs of the character's shadow to disappear. - Not fixed
Minimized Partner Mounts look very disjointed. - Not fixed
Items in the fashion tab may not appear for other players if they were removed from the fashion tab while it was expired. - Not fixed
Female Giants use a male riding pose when on the partner's broom with a string instrument in their active equipment slot. Link Not fixed
Stringed Instruments only resize to fit giants when a score scroll is equipped - Not fixed
Dischord's visual effects may continue after ending a duel. - Not fixed
Glowing items leave an after effect behind in the area on occasion. - Not fixed
Inspiring Performances while equipping a handbell have no animation. Link Not fixed
Players do not revive properly while holding Hand Chimes. - Not fixed
There is an invisible post in the Belvast marketplace. - Not fixed
Passengers mounted on a user's mimic pet do not animate correctly. Link Not fixed
The Tara Auction House is listed in two locations on the local map. Link Not fixed
Tower Cylinders have a doubled cylinder animation while in use. Link Not fixed
When using Partner Training Tools, the resulting actions may cause character heads to contort in odd ways. - Not fixed
Commerce partners do not animate correctly when equipped with certain weapons. - Fixed
Sleds do not resize to fit giant characters. - Not fixed
Baol Dungeon's walls make creatures invisible. - Not fixed
Shadow Realm draw distance changes when the option menu is opened. Link Not fixed
Using Demi then dismounting a raft at the last dock causes a ghost image to appear. - Not fixed
Partner inventories show equipment switching when another player toggles between equipped weapon. - Not fixed
Intel graphics cards do not animate the sky correctly in Iria. Link Not fixed
The cutscene that occurs when eating 5 star Granita has zombies with partially-missing heads. - Not fixed
Tara Weapon Shop chairs do not animate correctly with the Rest skill. Link Not fixed
Enemies display a box over their head when Alt is held. - Not fixed
Shakespeare RP quests give Fire Crystals that look like Water Crystals. - Not fixed
Ranged Attack skill is missing a hotkey icon. - Not fixed
Shakespeare RP quests give Fire Crystals that look like Water Crystals. - Not fixed
Pierrick's Eyes and Hair are missing their color. - Not fixed
Eluned's fan disappears when entering combat mode. - Not fixed
Edern's character model has an indistinguishable blotch on the left shoulder. - Not fixed
Eabha and Falias Gatekeeper transformations' faces do not animate correctly during emotes. - Not fixed
Some items are incorrectly colored while sheathed. - Not fixed
The Odran Wig does not fit on certain elf faces. - Not fixed
Adventurer's suit does not animate correctly with r9 rest. - Not fixed
Panda Umbrella darkens when in secondary equipment slot. - Not fixed


Bug Link Report
A cutscene during the quest "Day of Liberation" freezes. - Not Fixed
Elves and Giants do not see race-specific cutscenes correctly when using the Crystal Ball. - Not Fixed
The G3 Final cutscene duplicates members to make three players appear in parties of two or less. - Not Fixed
There are some minor issues with the Martial Arts tournament opening cutscenes. - Not Fixed
Atrata appears underground during final cutscene of G8. - Not Fixed

Quest and Keywords

Bug Link Report
G1 keyword Glas Ghaibhleann's Bones is received early when re-logging after a certain point. - Not Fixed
An additional Baol Infiltration pass is received upon completion of the related quest. - Not Fixed
Admiral Owen and the Suspicious Man exist at the same time. - Not Fixed
Aranwen does not have dialogue relating to the quests to learn Lance Counter, Lance Charge, and other skill-related quests. - Not Fixed
Autocombat does not function during the Elf and Giant G2 quests "Power of the Ancient Elves" and "Power of the Ancient Giants". Link Not Fixed
Autocombat does not work during Keith's RP for obtaining the Gold Strike skill. - Not Fixed
In the quest Esras's Plot, the quest marker for step 2 should be removed. - Not Fixed
If players do not have enough space for all the notes during the quest Macha According to the People of Emain Macha, they can disappear and not be reclaimed. - Fixed
Players are reporting issues with the G10 Final shadow mission. Link Not Fixed
The G11 quest 'Jenna in Danger' kills Leymore automatically during the cutscene, causing the quest to fail, and warps them to a strange location in Tara. - Not Fixed
The 'Royal Castle Chef' quest Kitchen Dungeon adds additional ingredients when the fork is hit. - Not Fixed
Users report that, on occasion, they do not receive a favor quest from their partner. - Not Fixed
When disconnecting in a C1 related dungeon, it is sometimes impossible to reclaim the entry pass. - Not Fixed
Players that had made progress on the Advent of the Goddess quests sometimes cannot continue Chapter 1 after the Genesis update. - Not Fixed
During the shadow mission of the G12 quest "Investigate the Underground Waterway", Leymore's AI may cause him to run off the map. - Not Fixed
The quest marker for "Power of the Ancient Giants" should be at Ciar Dungeon. - Not Fixed
C4 quests leave behind additional manuscripts. - Fixed
Shamala's AI sometimes ceases to function during the Quest "Shamala's Disappearance". - Not Fixed

NPC Specific

Bug Link Report
Users cannot speak to Tiro when encountered during an advanced dungeon. - Not Fixed
Lorna has no cancel button. Also, players that spoke to Lorna previously cannot speak to her again. - Not Fixed


Bug Link Report
There is a sinkhole in Tara Town Square. - Not Fixed
The local map for Karu Forest does not cover the entire area, and does not always update where the player has been. - Not Fixed


Bug Link Report
Counter does not cancel when knocked down - Not Fixed
Defense does not cancel when knocked down. - Not Fixed
Field monsters eventually become immune to Lullaby. - Not Fixed
Being attacked while loading skills can cause the player to lock-up. - Not Fixed
Shock's Area Effect does not activate properly when used on a monster. Link Not Fixed
Summoned Golems have both a load time and cooldown when using offensive skills. - Not Fixed
Summoned Golems do not size correctly upon using Water, Tidal Wave, Clay, and Earthquake cylinders. - Not Fixed
Using counter with knuckles takes a large amount of stamina. - Not Fixed
Using Thunder while Rafting causes character displacement. - Not Fixed
Fusion Bolt malfunctions with Auto Charge. Link Not Fixed
Bolts cancel switching weapons, but not if using bare hands. Link Not Fixed
Enemies using certain skills always display a "?". - Not Fixed
Knuckle Mastery gives incorrect amount of Damage and Balance. - Not Fixed
Player cannot charge additional fusion bolts after using one out of 2 + charges. - Not Fixed
Shift+Click to command a pet to attack does not work with certain Alchemy skills. - Not Fixed
Shock does not function correctly when cast out of range. - Not Fixed
Some fighter skills can target distant enemies when an obstacle is present. - Not Fixed
Stage 1 Fighter Skills frequently do not fully relocate the character after use. - Not Fixed
Thunder can be avoided by mounting a pet. - Not Fixed
Using Gold Strike while out of range does not cause the character to move closer to the enemy. - Not Fixed
When hit during the first frames of windmill, the skill is cancelled without activating, but still retains cooldown. - Not Fixed
Windmill does not cancel when another skill is loaded. - Not Fixed
Various skills falsely show Advancement test training complete under certain circumstances. - Not Fixed
Giants are trying to learn how to use a bow and arrow. - Not Fixed
If a party member uses control marionette while you are using the umbrella action, the action cancels. - Not Fixed
Wine Making has the wrong training values. - Not Fixed
Death while using Transformation Mastery does not display dropped equipment correctly. - Not Fixed
While transformed, using the "come" command with bird pets forces the client to close. - Not Fixed
Non-NPC transformations using facial expressions. - Not Fixed


Bug Link Report
When Stars expire, their Item Attribute text exceeds the space of the box. - Not Fixed
Fabien Greaves cannot be reforged. - Not Fixed
Hotsprings Trip Tickets stack past 5. - Not Fixed
Human/Giant Heart Eyepatches aren't repairable, but Elf versions are. - Not Fixed
Trump Gift Boxes have no destroy option. - Not Fixed
Romeo's Rapier cannot be reforged. - Not Fixed
The Enchant Expiration Removal scrolls have an unused item attribute section. - Not Fixed
The Unlimited Shadow Mission Pass has an unused Item Attributes section. Link Not Fixed
Two-handed weapon suffixes do not work on flutes, but prefixes do. Link Not Fixed
Vanalen Double Bracelet cannot be reforged. - Not Fixed
There is an unused Item Attribute section on Fine and Credne reforging tools. - Not Fixed
The fishing chairs are not currently usable. - Fixed
Bellfox outfits currently do not pose. - Fixed
Casting Speed Reforges are currently under investigation. - Not Fixed

Pet AI

Bug Link Report
"Pet's enemy uses Magic Attack" no longer works correctly. - Not Fixed
The "Run away" command cannot be programmed into a pet's AI. - Not Fixed

Misc. Gameplay

Bug Link Report
Bandits do not attack mounted users. - Not Fixed
The Bind Quest no longer functions during G1 for some players. - Not Fixed
Bandits can spawn in the immediate vicinity of a player. When this occurs, they do not trigger the heart monitor, and may seem to have been an invisible spawn. - Not Fixed
Players are reporting that the Auction House is still not fully updated for the renewal. - Not Fixed
Allied humans cannot be summoned by the opposing race via a friend summon capsule. - Not Fixed
Being divorced while offline leaves the character married to themself. - Not Fixed
Clicking Cancel while using the rafting paddles does not always cancel the action. - Not Fixed
The Artisan Upgrades for Hobnail, Bear, and Spiked knuckles give STR instead of Will. - Not Fixed
Players are reporting that Dan tests do not occur on any server. Link Not Fixed
Users are able to move semi-freely during fashion show. Link Not Fixed
When gifting items to Spirit Weapons and Partners, equipped items on the Style tab are available. Link Not Fixed
When pets are enabled in a duel, users that are not participating in the duel can heal the pets. - Not Fixed
Tower Cylinders during rafting. Link Not Fixed
When revived by the commerce partner, items are automatically sent to the Lost and Found. - Not Fixed
Clearing Boss Rush dungeons no longer posts the times to the dungeon rankings board. - Not Fixed
After opening one mimic, additional mimics do not open until the first is defeated. - Not Fixed
When gathering, clicking twice causes the animation to quit early and queues an additional action. - Not Fixed
Party Sign disappears when active and the player activates a transformation. - Not Fixed
Chat-flooding via transformations. - Not Fixed
When gathering, clicking twice causes the animation to quit early and queues an additional action. - Not Fixed
Amethyst golems sometimes are found outside of their normal boundaries. - Not Fixed
Players may crash when transitioning too quickly from sketching an object to flying on a pet mount. - Not Fixed
Some of the Mustangs in Rano are pacing back and forth. - Not Fixed
The Giant Ogre from the new summoning urns drops Black Grizzly Bear fomor scrolls. - Not Fixed
Neid does not drop additional items upon defeat when summoned from an urns. - Not Fixed

Misc. Functionality and UI

Bug Link Report
UI cuts off some text, including some titles stats. - Not Fixed
When using Final Hit with knuckles, enemies cannot be finished. - Fixed
River glitch. - Not Fixed
Drop Kick gives training exp under certain circumstances in PvP. - Not Fixed
The Rafting count-down timer does not disappear after the party is revived. - Not Fixed
Some players are unable to add eachother after the friend-list cap was lowered. - Not Fixed
Autocharge does not function using numerical hotkeys. - Not Fixed
The body of monsters caught during fishing in Scathach Beach prevents more fishing. - Not Fixed
Occasionally, alarms do not shut off. - Not Fixed
Extra boxes appear over the heads of all enemies while holding the ALT key. - Not Fixed
Guild Search does not function. - Not Fixed
Speaking to the Scared Guard after completing the related quest objective may cause the game to hang. - Not Fixed
When relogging after creating new Friend List categories, the categories will not save on occasion. - Not Fixed
The secondary password feature interferes with requesting a disconnection after the connection is abnormally terminated. - Not Fixed
Some players do not show correctly in the Guild List. - Not Fixed
Some players may recieve the message "guild info cannot be obtained". - Not Fixed
Opening the chat log always shows the tab selected as "All", even when displaying another tab. - Not Fixed
Direct Bank Transaction is not available at certain NPCs. - Not Fixed
If a newly recieved item is dropped, stacked elsewhere, or moved in any way, the reward pop-up is blank. - Not Fixed
Ctrl targetting does not work while using counter. - Not Fixed
The Style tab interferes with the preview feature. - Not Fixed
Preview no longer shows the previewed outfit's animations. - Not Fixed
Partners cannot be hotkeyed via drag-and drop to F# keys or numerical hotkey bars. - Not Fixed
Players cannot remove homesteads which they cannot access from their favorites. - Not Fixed
Commerce Partners cannot be given accessories. - Not Fixed
Server time is under investigation. Link Not Fixed
The Maid and Butler hair styles have been removed from the Beauty Shop, Character Creation, and Rebirth screens temporarily. - Intentional
Homestead restrictions are under investigation. - Not Fixed
Gold stored in an expired VIP tab does not register correctly. - Not Fixed
The button to buy Nao Soulstones upon death takes the user to a blank page.* - Not Fixed
Sharp Mind is still selectable as a party restriction. - Not Fixed
While possessing an enemy, players can blacklist themselves. - Not Fixed
Engraved wedding rings using special characters revert to "?"s after some time has passed. - Not Fixed


Bug Link Report
Teleporting monsters lock up frequently, preventing them from being attacked under normal circumstances. - Not Fixed
Pages 6 and 7 of Step-by-Step Cooking 101 cause lag. - Not Fixed

*Please note that these are not related to general latency.

Text Errors

Untranslated Text

Bug Link Report
Blue Waxen Wing to Cor - Fixed
The part-time Apprentice's Sewing Pattern for Light Leather Mail (F) has finishing materials untranslated. It also has the title of Light Leather Mail (M). - Not Fixed
The part-time Apprentice's Sewing Pattern for Mongo Hats has the the title of Mongo's Cap which is a different hat. - Not Fixed
The part-time Apprentice's Sewing Pattern for Lymilarks Nun Uniform. - Not Fixed
The part-time Apprentice's Sewing Pattern for Slim Inner Robe. - Not Fixed
The part-time Apprentice's Sewing Pattern for all advance level clothing store jobs have finishing materials untranslated. - Not Fixed
Blacksmith manuals for Valencia's Cross Line Plate Gauntlet and Armor for Giants sold by Fleta is untranslated. - Not Fixed
Related to this, the entire set of the giant version of Valencia's Cross Line Plate armor's item names and descriptions are also untranslated. - Not Fixed
A few "Unknown" Enchants are untranslated, but somewhat still implemented. - Not Fixed
When enabling the view of bank tabs of other races on your account, the loading message that pops up is untranslated. - Not Fixed

Misspelled Text

Bug Link Report
Upon starting Mabinogi with low Hard Disk space, a prompt comes up that misspells "Hard Disk" as "Hard isk." - Not Fixed
In both G1 RP Quests "The 3 Warriors" and "Tir Na Nog", Ruairi's Krutta Broadsword's description mispelt "Ruairi" into "Ruari". - Not Fixed
Long Horn Gnu drops Big Horn Gnu Hoof. This drop should be renamed to Long Horn Gnu Hoof. - Not Fixed
The composing book for Rank A to Rank 9 "The Fundamentals of Becoming a Great Composer" is misspelled "The Fundamentals of Becoming a Great Composre". - Not Fixed
In a chat bubble, Muro says "Are you gonig to hit me?". - Not Fixed
When the Golden Mushroom Spider spawns in Rano, the announcement text misspells "Region" as "Regino." - Not Fixed
The Black Cross enchant scroll misspells "Spaika" as "Spica." - Not Fixed
In many of the G13 & G14 cutscenes, "Shakespeare" is mispelled as "Shakespear". - Not Fixed
Rank Novice Taunt skill description says: "Musters can be lured". This should be Monsters. - Not Fixed
When performing Edern's Intermediate Part-Time Job, "Vito Crux Greaves" is mispelled as "Vito Crux Graves". - Not Fixed

Translation Error

Bug Link Report
In the second lesson of Lassar's Icebolt classes, she states, "Moon is the moon..." instead of naming Eweca. - Not Fixed
Rank 9 Weaving training method asks for String Knots, when it really means Braids - Not Fixed
The boss of Peaca Normal should be "Demi Lich" not "Demi Rich." - Not Fixed
Vintage Bite-patterned Ankle Boots should be renamed Vintage Teeth-patterned Ankle Boots as they are the vintage version of Teeth-patterned Ankle Boots. - Not Fixed
Graceful Grieve should be Graceful Greave. - Not Fixed
Competey Angle Boots should be Comfy Ankle Boots. - Not Fixed
Elatha's Chain Necklace refers to Elatha as a "her" but it is supposed to be "his". - Not Fixed
Equipment names that have "Felt" in them, for instance Colin Felt Gloves, should have been spelled "Colin Pelt Gloves" and not "Felt". - Not Fixed
When restoring a Falias Artifact at Dorren, she says "In order to it in Erinn". - Not Fixed

Misc. Text Errors

Bug Link Report
Book items and their in-game texts have different names. This is likely because they were translated by different people. - Not Fixed
Esras is called by both male and female pronouns throughout G2 dialogue. Esras's model is female. Similarly, the player character is referred to as a male in G2 dialogue, even when the player character is female. - Not Fixed
Tin is Fleta's nephew. Not cousin. - Not Fixed
The Strong enchant states that it is enabled for headgear. It is actually only enabled for helmets. - Not Fixed
The Master of Defense title says +5 Protection, but it is actually +5 Defense. - Not Fixed
The sewing patterns for Celina's Lady Dress is mislabeled as Celina's Open Leather Jacket (W) - Not Fixed
Certain NPCs are confused with the dungeons Alby and Albey. They sometimes say that you need to go to Alby Dungeon but they are really referring to go to Albey Dungeon. - Not Fixed
When you right-click a jewel that has appeared on the ground after being found via Metallurgy, and you scroll over its image, the size will appear as "10.00cm" regardless whether it is or not. - Not Fixed
When you attempt to repair a Cylinder at Eabha without enough gold, he says "'I' need more money," while it should probably be "'You' need more money." - Not Fixed
Jenna's repair costs are shown to be ridiculously high despite that she repairs them for free. - Not Fixed
The repair cost for Leymore's Suit is shown to be higher than it actually is. - Not Fixed
In The Golden Apple, there is a monster called "Sulfur Giant Golem". It should be "Giant Sulfur Golem". - Not Fixed
All Fomor Weapons say they cannot be Upgraded, when it actually means Special Upgraded. - Not Fixed
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